Research: Teens Especially at Risk in Times of Crisis

Touching base with your students this week?

Research suggests teens in particular need support and reassurance during times of crisis.

“Research done in past disasters suggests that it is teenagers who are the most at risk when school is interrupted,” according to a recent NPR report. “Many are forced to work to earn money or have to stay home and take care of younger siblings. They are more likely to drop out and less likely to go on to college.”

Worldwide, nine out of every 10 children are out of school due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Although many schools are in the process of organizing distance learning options, a recent survey of US teens found that 41 percent of teenagers overall, including 47 percent of public school students, have yet to attend a single online or virtual class.

And many of those students, particularly minority youth, say they are concerned about falling behind academically in addition to harboring fears about the physical and financial well-being of their families.

Learn more about the survey and check out NACAC’s Work-From-Home Resources—a collection of helpful articles, podcasts, and other tools especially selected to help high school seniors, parents, counselors, and admission professionals during the coronavirus crisis.

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