Directory of Member Blogs

Many NACAC members blog regularly.

Some use their blogs to connect with students and families navigating the college search and selection process. Others focus their attention on the admission profession and related news and trends.

If you’d like to add a NACAC member’s blog to this list, email (Please note, although blogs can be aimed at either students or professionals, to be included in this directory the content must be focused on the college admission process or the profession as a whole).


For Professionals:

Emerging Trends in College Admissions — Published by Margaret Benedict

Admitting Things — Published by Jon Boeckenstedt

Higher Ed Data Stories — Published by Jon Boeckenstedt

Ethical College Admissions — Columns by Jim Jump published by Inside Higher Ed

Tip of the C.A.P. — Published by Ethan Lewis

Counselors’ Corner — Published by Patrick O’Connor

Columns by Patrick O’Connor — Published by The Huffington Post

Columns by Scott White — Published by Scott White


For Students and Families:

Columns by Scott Anderson — Published by The Huffington Post

Columns by Brennan Barnard — Published by Forbes

Columns by Laurén Carter — Published by The Huffington Post

The Insider — Published by College Coach

Columns by Willard Dix — Published by Forbes

Fast Facts for Parents of College-Bound Students Published by Marilyn G.S. Emerson

AK College Planning Blog — Published by Bethany Fernandez

College Explorations — Published by Nancy Griesemer

Columns by Shelly Humbach Published by Humbach Education Consulting

International College Counselors blog — Published by International College Counselors

Columns by Peggy Jenkins  Published by Palouse Pathways

Columns by Aviva Legatt — Published by Forbes

International Counselor — Published by Shaun McElroy

Great College Advice — Published by Mark Montgomery

Next Stop: College — Columns by Janet Rosier, published by the Connecticut Post

Columns by Teo Salgado about applying to Canadian universities  — Published by VerveSmith Independent Educational Consultants

Columns by Jane Shropshire — Published by Shropshire Educational Consulting

Columns by Samantha Stuber — Published by  Samantha Stuber

College Ahead — Published by Julia Surtshin

Columns by Venkates Swaminathan — Published by LifeLauncher

Columns by Eileen Swoboda — Published by Think Yes


Blogs Curated by Organizations:

Admit AllAssociation of College Counselors in Independent Schools

What’s (App)enning The Common Application

University Admissions — International Baccalaureate Organization


Blogs Curated by Institutions:

Georgia Tech Admission Blog – Georgia Tech

Inside Admissions: Behind-the-scenes with Tufts admissions officers Tufts University (MA)

UNE Undergraduate Admissions Blog — University of New England (ME)

USC Undergraduate Admission Blog — University of Southern California

Notes from Peabody: The UVA Admission BlogColumns by Jeannine Lalonde, associate dean of admission at University of Virginia

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