Free Guide to Understanding Dyslexia Now Available


Dyslexia is one of the most common learning differences.

It’s also one of the most misunderstood.

KQED reporter Holly Korbey hopes to change that. Korbey has written extensively on the topic for NPR and recently released the MindShift Guide to Understanding Dyslexia.

“Due to the host of identifying and diagnosing issues, many kids slog through school not knowing they have a learning difference, and an estimated 40 million American adults suffer from dyslexia, though experts guess only 2 million are aware of it,” the guide notes. “Yet, understanding, recognizing, and providing intervention for students with dyslexia has never been more important than right now…being able to read and write will continue to be a crucial skillset for success not only in school but also in life beyond school.”

The free 41-page publication is packed with tips for students, parents, and educators. It includes information on how to recognize the signs of dyslexia as well as resources and assistive technologies to help students succeed. The publication’s final chapter – dubbed “Possibilities” – features success stories.

Learn more about the guide.

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