Survey: Majority of Americans Believe College Is Worth It


A majority of Americans see the value in a four-year college degree, according to a new survey.

The survey was conducted by the APM Research Lab to see what Americans believe about the value of a  college degree as it relates to its cost.

Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed agreed that a four-year college degree is worth it, despite the high cost of college.

However, there was more support for the value of a college education among those who had completed a four-year degree than among those who had not. About 70 percent of Americans with at least a bachelor’s degree said a college degree is worth the cost, compared with about 50 percent of those without a degree.

The breakdown also varied by location. Residents of the Southern US were more likely to see the value in a college degree than those in the Northeast.

Of those who said college was not worth the price tag, the majority said it was due to the large debt accrued while obtaining a degree.

Read the full survey.

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