Effort Underway to Support Single Moms in College


A new effort to raise graduation rates for single moms enrolled in community college is officially underway.

Single moms are among the fastest growing populations on college campuses – more than 11 percent of college students – but only 28 percent of single moms graduate within six years.

Former second lady Jill Biden announced the Community College Women Succeed initiative in late February. The initiative will start with regional roundtables, actually talking with these single mothers, and building a support system from there.

“There isn’t one thing that’s going to suddenly make balancing work and childcare and education and pursuing your career simple,” Biden said in her announcement.

“But for the women who are willing to give their all, who are willing to fight for the futures they want and deserve, we can do more.”

Ashley Dobson is NACAC’s communications manager for content and social media. You can reach her at adobson@nacacnet.org.

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