NACAC Survey Shows Student Activism is on the Rise


The intensity of the current political climate has led to increased activism among students at more than half (52 percent) of all secondary schools across the US, according to survey data from the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).

The finding is one of several included in a new NACAC research brief that explores the effects of today’s political rhetoric on college-bound students and examines how the political climate is affecting the college admission process. The association surveyed school counselors and college admission officers on the subject earlier this year.

Although levels of activism varied across schools, with 27 percent of respondents reporting that the political environment had no effect on the students they served, a full 52 percent of school counselors reported increased political engagement.

In the words of one respondent: “They’re woke and they’re angry! And they’re registered to vote!”

Other noteworthy findings include:

  • Counselors reported a sense of disillusionment among students at more than one-third of schools (35 percent).
  • Nearly two-thirds of colleges (61 percent) reported increased difficulty over the past two years in recruiting international students due to changes in the political and regulatory environment.

Read a summary of the results and learn more about the surveys.

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