Video: NACAC President Stefanie Niles Talks About Conference Takeaways and Her Goals for the Year

The 2018 National Conference last week left an impression on many attendees, and most importantly, it left an impression on our new NACAC President Stefanie Niles.

Niles chatted with Platform Q Education’s Gil Rogers in a livestream Thursday afternoon about her takeaways for the conference and her goals for her presidential year and the years ahead.

“There’s a lot to do,” she said. “A lot in higher education that we are going to have to do to continue to make this experience most accessible to students.”

Niles said she doesn’t have just one favorite memory from the conference, but a meeting with a member who had been attending the NACAC conference for more than 40 years stands out.

“I think what draws them back for 40 years is what draws me back. It’s the people,” she said. “Just that chance to nurture my network of people.”

During the livestream, members could watch the interview with Niles on Conduit by PlatformQ, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. Viewers were also able to ask the association’s new president questions.

One viewer asked her what takeaway she would share with people who were unable to attend #nacac18.

“Find ways to engage…What are ways to engage outside of that large conference setting?” Niles said. “Use the membership organization the way it functions best for you. Whether it’s a webinar, whether it’s #nacacreads, whether it’s a smaller conference, coming to GWI in the summer…Take what works for you and tell us what you need.”

Watch the full conversation with Niles.

Ashley Dobson is NACAC’s communications manager for content and social media. You can reach her at

2 thoughts on “Video: NACAC President Stefanie Niles Talks About Conference Takeaways and Her Goals for the Year”

  1. I’m sorry – I pressed the link to view this from “Today in College Admissions” to view a video to learn Stephanie Niles’ views about “lessons from 2018 NACAC Conference.”

    I was surprised that the host doing most of the talking for (what felt like) the first 10 minutes about a communication platform company. It was advertised as if this was a videoed message from Stephanie rather than (what felt like) an ad for a communication vendor with the NACAC president answering an occasional question.

    I did not stay tuned-in for more than the first few minutes because I felt I had been misled by the headline in the “Today in College Admission” newsletter

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