ICYMI: NACAC Addresses Trump Travel Ban


“Extremely disappointing” are the words NACAC used to describe Tuesday’s Supreme Court decision to uphold President Trump’s travel ban.

In a statement released to the press, the association expressed concern that the 5-4 decision would allow for discrimination against individuals based solely on their nationality and/or religion. Three earlier iterations of the ban — which prohibited travelers from several majority-Muslim countries from entering the US — had previously been struck down by lower courts.

“The United States has long been viewed as the premier destination for foreign students to pursue their secondary and/or postsecondary educations,” the association noted in its statement. “…By upholding the travel ban, the court is saying to the world that all students are no longer welcome at our educational institutions.”

NACAC was among dozens of education organizations to decry the court’s decision. Institutions at all levels are already experiencing declines in international student enrollment, in part because of the travel ban. Tuesday’s decision will negatively affect our nation’s students, schools, and communities, NACAC said.

“All students—domestic and foreign—benefit from a diverse academic experience,” the association’s statement notes.

Read the full statement.

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