#EMchat Creates Reference Book for Enrollment Management Professionals


A new online resource is now available for enrollment management professionals.

The #EMchat Reference Book — which includes industry terminology, as well as links to relevant news sources, podcasts, listservs, and newsletters — is a project developed by EMchat, an online community of higher education enrollment management professionals.

Creators say the crowdsourced resource is an attempt to concentrate and share industry knowledge.

“Enrollment management can be a highly fulfilling, deeply meaningful line of work, and it can also be a bit daunting without context and resources to help you through,” organizers note. “This sheet is meant to be a primer on some of the more critical resources, terms, and concepts in the industry.”

Users are encouraged to leave comments or suggest changes to the document. There are also opportunities for professionals to make mentoring connections based on areas of interest and expertise.

View the #EMchat Reference Book.

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