New Series Offers Guidance on Commission-Based International Student Recruitment


Does your college use agents to recruit international students? A new series of resource papers from NACAC is designed to help ensure institutions remain in compliance with the association’s recently revised code of ethics.

The first paper, which examines trends in commission-based international student recruitment, was released this week.

Subsequent papers will be made available over the next few months and will cover a wide-range of topics, ranging from legal requirements to transparency standards and training guidance.

For some colleges and universities, partnering with commissioned agents to recruit international students is part of a multifaceted admission strategy. NACAC maintains a healthy concern over the potential effects of commissioned recruiting and is committed to advancing best practices.

In total, six papers will be released. Articles by admission professionals who have experience working with agents will also be made available on the resource paper webpage. The first member-written article, a piece by Lin Larson—recruitment specialist at The University of Texas at Arlington–is available now.

Learn more about the series.

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