Debate Continues Over Extracurriculars and College Admission


How much sway should a student’s extracurricular activities have on college admission?

It’s a question that has been posed with increasing frequency over the last few years, and one that will likely continue to prompt discussions among families and admission professionals in the months ahead.

In a recent profile of Richard Weissbourd published by The Atlantic, the Harvard University psychologist lays out his case for reimagining the admission process. Weissbourd helped write the Turning the Tide report published last year and has been a longtime proponent of educational and parenting practices that emphasize the importance of nurturing compassionate children.

“We have elevated achievement and happiness as the chief goals of childhood and demoted caring for the collective,” Weissbourd told The Atlantic. “The result is that the focus on achievement and happiness isn’t making kids happy.”

Weissbourd’s next report — due out in May — will include recommendations to help high schoolers and colleges opt out of the madness associated with elite college admission, a process he believes perpetuates a toxic culture among America’s young people.

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