College Board Streamlines Requests for Testing Accommodations

College boy and his fellow students taking a test

A new process will make it easier for students to receive accommodations on College Board exams.

Starting Jan. 1, students who are approved for testing accommodations through an Individualized Education Program or 504 Plan will automatically be cleared to have those same accommodations on College Board tests, including the SAT and Advanced Placement exams.

Officials say the move will reduce approval time and help students receive the support they need to do their best on the tests.

“Under this new policy, school testing accommodation coordinators need to answer only two questions when submitting most requests for students: ‘Is the requested accommodation(s) in the student’s plan?’ and ‘Has the student used the accommodation(s) for school testing?,’” according to a press release announcing the change. “If the answer is yes to both questions, eligible students can be approved to receive most accommodations on College Board exams.”

English language learners (ELL) will also find it easier to receive accommodations.

ELL students will be allowed to use bilingual word-to-word glossaries on state-funded SAT exams starting in January.  And beginning next fall, ELL students will be allowed to request additional time on the test, mirroring similar accommodations approved by ACT earlier this year.

The new policies will make the SAT and other exams more accessible to all students, Connecticut Commissioner of Education Dianna R. Wentzell said in a statement.

“We welcome these changes, she said. “They are the right thing to do to improve access to the SAT and remove barriers for English language learners and students with disabilities.”

Learn more about the new accommodations.

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