New Report Highlights Access and Inclusion Strategies


Low-income and minority students continue to face barriers to higher education and the resulting gaps have contributed to diminished social mobility in the US, data show.

A new report — Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education — highlights strategies institutions can use to help reverse that trend. The 89-page publication uses federal statistics to demonstrate the scale of the problem and highlights strategies colleges and universities can use to help more underrepresented students get to (and through) college.

“While a college education benefits students of all backgrounds, there are likely to be distinct economic benefits for students from traditionally underserved and underrepresented populations,” report authors note. “In an era of increased wealth and income inequality, a college degree remains a powerful vehicle for upward economic and social mobility.”

Strategies featured in the report include:
• Promoting student body diversity and inclusion on campus.
• Ensuring diversity exists across all levels of an institution.
• Recruiting a diverse array of prospective students.
• Offering support services for students throughout their academic career.
• Developing an inclusive campus climate.

Read the full report.

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