LinkedIn: A New Tool in College Admission?


Are your students on LinkedIn?

A recent New York Times story says the social media site — a popular networking tool for professionals — is finding its way into the college admission process.

According to the article, some teens are now creating LinkedIn profiles to supplement the materials they send to colleges. They use the site to create a professional-looking resume and include the link on their admission applications.

“No one has quantified the power of this,” Alan Katzman, a social media consultant who works with teens told the Times. “But I maintain that it is very powerful.”

Some students say they appreciate the opportunity to create a social media profile that highlights their skills and accomplishments. They know that admission officers may look at their other accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook. And they believe having a professional site in the mix may help them in the admission process.

But many educators worry that the trend will further advantage wealthy students. It could also increase stress levels at competitive high schools.

“For students in high-pressure schools who already start packaging themselves for college in ninth grade, LinkedIn could add yet another burden to what might be called the careerization of the childhood,” the article notes.

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