#NACACreads: Help Shape the Upcoming Discussion of ‘Generation Z Goes to College’

generationzHow will the next generation of students approach the college search and selection process?

Share your insights during an upcoming #NACACreads discussion of Generation Z Goes to College. Special guest and author Meghan Grace will take part in the Twitter chat and address how this new cohort of students views higher education.

“Just as it took time to adapt to working with Millennials as they entered college…a whole new generation has shown up with a different set of needs,” the book’s introduction notes. “Our hope is to better understand what makes this generation unique and provide insight into how to best engage these students during their time in higher education.”

Ask questions and share your thoughts during a Nov. 29 #NACACreads chat. The discussion will kick off at 9 p.m. (ET).

Already finished the book? Help shape the discussion. Submit questions ahead of time via Twitter using the #NACACreads hashtag.

Admitted writer/editor Mary Stegmeir welcomes additional comments and story ideas at mstegmeir@nacacnet.org.

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