ICYMI: NACAC Applauds Court Decision on Harvard Admission Practices

NACAC issued a statement last week applauding the US District Court decision regarding Harvard University’s admission practices.

The court found that the university’s method for limited consideration of race and ethnicity did not reflect discriminatory intent or create a discriminatory effect in the administration of its undergraduate admission process.

In its statement, NACAC noted that the court’s decision recognizes “the importance of preserving an institution’s ability to consider disparities between racial and ethnic groups.”

“We are pleased that the court has rebuffed an effort to obtain a ruling, denied in previous lawsuits, to end the consideration of race in college admission and restrict a university’s ability to assemble a diverse student body,” Joyce Smith, NACAC CEO, said in the statement. “As we examine the systemic inequities in college access, we cannot afford to further restrict colleges’ ability to identify talent in the context of significant disparities between students.”

Read the full statement and learn more about diversity and access in the college admission process.

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