Idaho College Initiative Helps Seniors Cement Postsecondary Plans


Educators in south-central Idaho say the state’s direct college admission initiative is working.

The strategy — which involves sending pre-admission notices to qualified 12th graders — was adopted by the Idaho Board of Education two years ago as a way to boost the number of degree holders in the state.

Under the new initiative, students are sent a letter in the fall of their senior year informing them which state colleges they are pre-qualified to attend. The decisions are based on grades and test scores.

“Once students are pre-accepted, they just have to fill out the application form,” according to a recent Twin Falls Times-News article. “Their application fee is applied toward their tuition.”

The state board won’t have any hard enrollment data until December, but proponents say anecdotal evidence is promising.

At Twin Falls High School last week seniors participated in the state’s College Application Week. School counselor Christi Benson said the pre-qualification letters have gotten students thinking about college earlier.

“They have more of an idea now — and a decision — of where they want to go,” she told the Times-News.

Read the full article and learn more about Idaho’s direct admission program.

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