Share Our New Checklists with Your Students


Researching colleges can be a daunting task. Important questions often go unasked, and it’s hard to keep all the details organized in one place.

A new resource from NACAC aims to simplify the process for college-bound students.

Created in collaboration with the association’s Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee, Ask the Admission Office is a series of six checklists designed to help students determine what to ask when researching college options.

Topics covered include diversity on campus, student organizations and supports, financial aid, academic support, campus safety, and housing.

Download the checklists and share with your students today.

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2 thoughts on “Share Our New Checklists with Your Students”

  1. Thanks for the Ask the Admission Office checklists. Two comments:

    The link for the Housing checklist brings up the entire chain of all of the checklists, so it has the incorrect link, and makes it impossible to download only the Housing checklist.

    And, while the questions and intent are good, the checklists would be more useful if they were each one page rather than two. People don’t need that much space for notes, and the color & graphics aren’t actually useful.

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