Update: Spots Available for Students at More Than 550 Colleges

The number of colleges still accepting applications for Fall 2018 continues to grow.

More than 550 institutions have openings, financial aid, and housing available to qualified freshmen and/or transfer students, according to NACAC’s College Openings Update.

When survey data was first posted on May 3, the list included 422 colleges and universities. Since that time, dozens of additional institutions have added their information. The update, which includes public and private schools, will continue to be modified by colleges and universities through July 2.

“Admission is an ongoing process for many institutions,” NACAC CEO Joyce Smith noted in a press release.

The directory is an important resource for students who need to rethink their admission options, she added.

In some cases, well-qualified students may not have applied to a range of institutions, or may have been turned down by all schools they applied to.

Students still looking for a school can use the College Openings Update to refine their search. Admission is contingent upon each institution’s review of application information.

Explore NACAC’s College Openings Update and learn more about the survey.

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