Share Advice For First-Gen Students


What should first-generation college students know before they head to campus?

A new social media campaign organized by Better Make Room is encouraging college counselors and others to share their wisdom on Twitter.

Contribute your own tips by using #AdviceForFirstGen and #BetterMakeRoom in your tweets.

Tips already submitted include:

  • Find a mentor.
  • Don’t forget to renew your FAFSA every year.
  • When stressed, stop and smell the roses.

The campaign launched earlier this month. Organizers hope the tweets will become a source of information and support for first-generation students.

View the campaign’s top tweets and learn more about Better Make Room.

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One thought on “Share Advice For First-Gen Students”

  1. Seek out campus resources for counseling and other mental health services before you really need them. In a pinch, take advantage of these services that are free for the asking.

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