NACAC Celebrates National School Counseling Week


National School Counseling Week kicked off on Monday. The annual five-day event, sponsored by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), highlights the many ways counselors help students succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Fun photo contests and local events are scheduled across the country this week, making it the perfect time for school counselors to celebrate the profession they love.

Admitted recently asked NACAC members to reflect on the week’s theme — “School Counseling: Helping Students Realize Their Potential.”

Here’s what they had to say:

“I help students realize their potential by making sure they do their best on college applications and also by introducing them to options they haven’t considered before.”
— Ralph Figueroa, dean of college guidance, Albuquerque Academy (NM)

“I help students realize their potential by ensuring that all students have access to a high quality, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate school counseling program which addresses their academic, social/emotional, and career goals.”
— NACAC Board Director Bob Bardwell, director of school counseling, Monson High School (MA)

“I help students realize their potential by giving them feedback that affirms their humanity.”
— Alicia Oglesby, school counselor and dean of students, Emerson Preparatory School: The Emerson Institute (DC)

“I help students realize their potential by being interested in all parts of their lives and building a meaningful relationship in and out of the classroom.”
— NACAC Board Director Chris Reeves, school counselor, Beechwood High School (KY)

“I help students realize their potential by working with them to believe in themselves, develop a strong work ethic, learn to think critically, develop real grit and persistence, and know the value of good relationships with others.”
— NACAC President Nancy Beane, associate director of college counseling, The Westminster Schools (GA)

“I help students realize their potential by being honest, believing in them, expecting A LOT, sharing personal anecdotes, and going beyond the school day to ensure they do not miss out on any opportunities.”
— Candice Mackey, counselor, Culver City High School (CA)

“I help students realize their potential by encouraging them to seek opportunities that both challenge and inspire them.”
— Karen Felton, director of college counseling, Georgetown Day School (DC)

“I help students realize their potential by being knowledgeable about all aspects of the financial aid process.”
— Marie Bigham, director of college counseling, Isidore Newman School (LA)

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  1. I begin with my students (and one or both parents) the summer before they being high school to map out a detailed 4-year high school course plan. This gives them a clear understanding of the classes they need to meet graduation requirements and the additional college-prep classes they will need for a strong college application.

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