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Ferguson Celebrates 30 Years with NACAC

NACAC’s Gregory Ferguson stopped by the Philadelphia National College Fair in November 2015. Ferguson celebrated 30 years with NACAC last month. (Chuck Fazio Photography)

NACAC’s Gregory Ferguson applied to the association three times before being hired in 1987 as assistant director of National College Fairs (NCF).

What kept him coming back? Unwavering support for the program’s mission.

“I really firmly believe: For any student who wants to go to college, there is an institution out there for them,” said Ferguson, who celebrated his 30th year with NACAC last month. Under his leadership, the NCF program has grown steadily and gained a national reputation for quality.

Ferguson, who now serves as the program’s executive director, recently sat down with Admitted to talk about his contributions to NACAC, the future of the NCF program, and what inspires his work.

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Shared Mission: Common App Lends Support to National College Fairs

Photo by Chuck Fazio
Photo by Chuck Fazio

Exploring college majors. Visiting with admission counselors. And, of course, seeing firsthand the wide variety of postsecondary options available.

A trip to a National College Fair (NCF) is a great way for teens to jumpstart the college search and selection process. And with more than 90 fairs offered each year throughout the nation, the program also serves as an invaluable outreach tool — encouraging all students to dream big.

For more than 40 years, that mission has driven the NCF program — which kicked off its spring season last month.

Aba Blankson, senior director for marketing and communications with The Common App, talked with Admitted about her organization’s role supporting the Greater Washington DC National College Fair.

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Interest in Science Careers Varies by Race, Ethnicity


Black and Hispanic teens are less likely than their peers to express interest in a job in the sciences.

A recent Pew Research Center analysis of data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress revealed a racial and ethnic gap among students seeking such careers.

Among Asian and white high school seniors, 59 and 45 percent, respectively, say they would like a job that involves science.

By comparison, only 40 percent of Hispanics and 39 percent of blacks indicated they wanted a science-related career.

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Survey: Students Lack Exposure to STEM Career Paths


This post originally appeared on Admitted in June.

Teens who are interested in science need better career preparation pathways, according to a recent national survey.

The study — funded by Change the Equation and the Amgen Foundation— showed that although students like science, they aren’t crazy about the way the subject is taught. In addition, many lack the out-of-school resources and connections needed to explore STEM careers on their own.

“Teens know what good science education looks like, but they lack engaging learning opportunities, career guidance, and professional mentors,” the report states. “Science advocates in our schools, businesses, and communities can change that.”

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