Adjusting to a New Normal: Advice from NACAC Members


Everyone is adjusting to a new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic, including college admission professionals and the students they serve.

What should seniors keep in mind as they make their college choice? And what can counselors and colleges do to better serve students during the COVID-19 crisis?

These member-written articles feature advice for students as well as guidance and commentary aimed at counseling and admission professionals.

Advice for Seniors

The COVID College Choice: How to Pick a College During a Global Pandemic (Brennan Barnard — The Derryfield School, NH)

Class of 2020: Great Minds Think Differently (Rick Clark — Georgia Institute of Technology)

COVID-19 Related College Closures: Addressing the Impact on High School Seniors (Jill Madenberg — Madenberg College Consulting, NY)

Choosing a College Amid the Chaos (Patrick O’Connor — Cranbrook Schools, MI)

Advice for Juniors

Virtually Possible: Locking Down the College Search in a Global Pandemic (Brennan Barnard — The Derryfield School, NH)

COVID-Era College Prep (Eric Endlich — Top College Consultants, MA, and Scott S. Garbini — Garbini Education and Career Consulting, CT)

College Advice for Juniors (Patrick O’Connor — Cranbrook Schools, MI)

The Summer Like No Other (Lisa Sohmer — Sohmer College Counseling, FL)

Advice and Commentary Aimed at Professionals

Redesigning College Admission: COVID-19, Access and Equity (Brennan Barnard — The Derryfield School, NH)

Coping with Coronavirus: What Students Need to Know (Eric Endlich — Top College Consultants, MA)

Ethical College Admissions: The Adults in the Room (Jim Jump — St. Christopher’s School, VA)

Ethical College Admissions: College Counseling in Interesting Times (Jim Jump —St. Christopher’s School, VA)

3 Impacts of Coronavirus on College Admissions (Aviva Legatt — University of Pennsylvania)

COVID-19’s Psychological Toll: What College Campuses Are Missing (Aviva Legatt — University of Pennsylvania)

Planning for the Pandemic (Patrick O’Connor — Cranbrook Schools, MI)

What Colleges Can Do To Support High School Seniors During the Virus (Patrick O’Connor — Cranbrook Schools, MI)

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