#NACACreads: Discuss Student Mental Health and Well-Being

Nurturing student success takes many different forms.

During our next #NACACreads Twitter chat, we’ll explore how willpower, coping skills, self-care strategies, and more can help students cultivate authentic happiness and make the most out of their journey to and through college.

Read When Likes Aren’t Enough: A Crash Course in the Science of Happiness and join us Dec. 11 for an important discussion on student mental health and well-being with author Tim Bono.

Author Tim Bono is an assistant dean and lecturer in psychology at Washington University in St. Louis (MO).

“Young adults today are feeling distress at levels never seen before…but (they) are also reaching out,” writes Bono, an assistant dean and lecturer in psychology at Washington University in St. Louis (MO).

When Likes Aren’t Enough uses data from over 100 studies to show how making small changes can help students unplug, rebound from disappointments, and embrace all life has to offer.

“In the end, likes and follows, shares and retweets aren’t enough to sustain well-being,” Bono notes. “…but a life filled with close relationships and gratitude, a healthy body, and a sound mind can be the keys to authentic happiness.”

The chat will kick off at 9 p.m. ET and will include opportunities for participants to share their own insights on how college admission professionals can help students develop healthy habits.

Read more about Bono’s research into the power of positive psychology.

Admitted writer/editor Mary Stegmeir welcomes additional comments and story ideas at mstegmeir@nacacnet.org.

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