New From NACAC: College Admission Ethics in Action

A new e-learning course is now available from NACAC.

College Admission Ethics in Action provides critical information on ethical behavior in the student recruitment process. The 35-minute course highlights basic legal and ethical boundaries and is aimed at the wide range of people who are involved in student recruitment, including athletic coaches, alumni volunteers, student tour guides, faculty, development officers, entry-level admission officers, and others.

“The Varsity Blues scandal made it clear that in order to protect themselves from adverse legal and reputational exposure, institutions need tools to train everyone involved in student recruitment on how to avoid improper interactions with prospective students, their families, and their representatives,” Joyce Smith, NACAC CEO, said in a press release. “We consider this course to be an important first step in ensuring that those representing colleges and universities have advance knowledge of legal boundaries that, if crossed, can lead to serious consequences for themselves and their institutions.”

The course focuses on three primary concepts:

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest;
  • Protecting privacy; and
  • Providing accurate representation.

Individual pricing is only $25 per person for up to 25 learners. Pricing for groups larger than 25 is as low as $16 per person. An unlimited annual license is also available.

View the course preview and learn more.

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