NPR Podcast Promises to Help Students Navigate College


A new podcast series from NPR is designed to help students make the most out of higher ed.

How to Succeed at College offers advice on how to pick classes, what to talk about at office hours, and the best strategies for studying. One episode even includes information about how to land a job after graduation.

“No matter where you are coming from, college can be a huge transition, and figuring out how to make it work for you is super-important,” host Elissa Nadworny says in an introduction to the series. “…”We’re going to cover a lot of ground: from making friends to nailing job interviews and how to roll with it when things don’t go as planned.”

The first episode offers tips to help students get their college career off on the right foot.

Learn more about the NPR series and check out NACAC’s own podcast — College Admissions Decoded.

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