Student-to-Student Advice for People of Marginalized Backgrounds


There is no better advice that the advice from people who’ve been there.

Teen Vogue recently compiled a list of advice from students of marginalized backgrounds to other students in similar situations.

Their list of student advice discusses topics ranging from the need for a support system to practical advice on saving money on textbooks.

Some examples:

  • “Don’t forget that just because your community may not be able to understand your specific struggle doesn’t mean they can’t still offer emotional support and love. I know too many of us that got to college and thought ‘now it’s just up to me,’” wrote Eric Silva.
  • “You deserve to be here, though many don’t deserve what you have to bring to the table. And you are not stuck here. If you ever feel like this place is striving to clip your wings, and it will try, know that it’s doing that because of a fear that you’ll fly,” Anthony Boynton said.
  • “If you’re a poor student, especially at the intersection of poor and first-generation college student, take two years at a community college first! All of the idealized things you were told about college are not true. There is nothing wrong with starting your four-year journey at a two-year institution, especially if it saves you money and debt,” Maurice D. Cox Jr. stated.
  • “For people whose native language is not English and are struggling: embrace the accent, embrace your culture, and embrace the correct pronunciation of your name. You are the bravest people on campus. It takes a lot of courage to leave family and friends behind and venture into an unknown country and culture. You are stronger than the people who try to tell you you’re not good enough,” Mónica Carvajal Regidor said.

See more advice at Teen Vogue and read a recent The Journal of College Admission article on how admission professionals can guide marginalized students.

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