Join Us Tomorrow Night for #NACACreads

What can we do to better serve at-risk students in our high schools and on our college campuses?

Share your insights tomorrow night during a special #NACACreads chat with Karen Gross, author of Breakaway Learners.

Packed with strategies to aid counselors in higher ed, as well as those working in K-12 schools and community-based organizations, the book calls on college counselors and others to rethink the ways they help students prepare for life beyond high school.

“Many of today’s students are the first in their families to attend college, let alone graduate; many are immigrants; many are low income. Many have experienced trauma or toxic stress…” writes Gross, who served as president of Southern Vermont College for eight years. “…The problem, simply stated, is that many educators want to educate (whether consciously or not) their clones, rather than assessing how to educate the students before them.”

Read an excerpt from the book and join us on Twitter at 9 p.m. ET for a compelling conversation about strategies that support postsecondary success for all.

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