Campus Tour Tips for College-Bound Students


College visits can play a big role in determining a student’s best fit school.

But if college-bound students want to get the most out of these campus experiences, there are a few things they need to consider. Teen Vogue offers some tips to help students prepare.

Prospective students should visit during the school year, the magazine advises.

“By visiting the campus when it is truly alive, you can get a better feel for the environment.”

Teen Vogue also suggests sitting in on a class while on campus.

“You are life hunting, but the reason you are hunting for this type of life is for education, so this should be a major influence on your college decision.”

And most importantly, they remind students to have fun. “You are preparing to embark on an exciting journey towards your future, and college tours are the beginning of it all.”

Read more tips from Teen Vogue and check out NACAC’s “Campus Visit Checklist” to help make the most out of your time on campus.

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