College Search Tips for LGBTQ Students


All students have questions about the college admission process.

But those who identify as LGBTQ often grapple with a unique set of considerations when researching schools and submitting their applications. In addition to finding a college that supports their academic goals, they are searching for a campus community that will embrace their identity.

Looking for resources to help students with their search? In an article published this week by Teen Vogue, college admission professionals answered some of the most pressing questions asked by LGBTQ students.

Highlights from the piece include:

On how to determine if a college is LGBTQ-friendly:

“Does the school’s nondiscrimination policy include sexual orientation and gender identity? This is a good first check.” —NACAC member Wes Waggoner, associate vice president for enrollment management, Southern Methodist University (TX)

On addressing identity and the coming out process within the college essay:

“Focus on one or two moments that were formative throughout that (coming out) journey. Give yourself permission to cut out other important and valid moments by recognizing that you have a word limit and you are not going to be able to fully tell your story to the justice it deserves in that limited amount.” — NACAC member Kaelie Lund, admissions officer, Carleton College (MN)

On paying for college in the event family support is revoked:

“I recommend that students open a dialogue with admissions and financial aid officers to ensure they know what options they might have if they disclose their identities to their families and their family members are less than supportive.” — NACAC member Andrew Moe, associate dean of admissions & director of access, Swarthmore College (PA)

Read the full article and learn about more resources for LGBTQ students.

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