Survey: Gen Z Students Focused on Tech Jobs


Editor’s note: A version of this post originally appeared on Admitted in January 2016. It’s being republished as part of NACAC’s Best of the Blog series.

The next crop of college students is more likely than past generations to seek careers in the tech field, according to a report by Barnes & Noble College.

The finding is illuminating, particularly when paired with supporting national survey data that suggests today’s middle and high school students view college — and careers — in a markedly different manner than millennials.

“More than 40 percent of Gen Z respondents seek careers that suit their specific interests, and tend to envision careers in technology, such as computer science and video game development,” according to report.

And while millennials are more likely to study fields that provide personal fulfillment, the children of Generation Z are more circumspect in the way they approach higher education.

Members of Gen Z — which study authors define as young people born between 1990 and 2000 — are passionate about education, and in particular, hands-on learning. But they are also pragmatic, according to survey results from 1,300 US students ages 13-18.

“Their biggest reason for heading to campus is a practical one: Many see college as the means to securing a good job,” the report states. “In fact, their No. 1 concern related to college is whether or not they will be able to find a good job after graduation.”

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