#NACACreads: Join Tomorrow’s Discussion

From identifying right-fit schools to securing financial aid and selecting classes — success in higher education is intrinsically linked to a student’s ability to make informed decisions about their future and follow through on their plans.

Discuss new ways to help students navigate this critical process Wednesday during a #NACACreads discussion with Benjamin Castleman, author of The 160-Character Solution: How Text Messaging and Other Behavioral Strategies Can Improve EducationThe chat kicks off at 9 p.m. ET on Twitter.

Castleman’s research shows that counselors and others can help more students succeed by leveraging the science of decision-making and using technological “nudges.”

“Prompts to take action or follow through on our intentions are powerful because they directly address some of the barriers that prevent people from making informed decisions…” writes Castleman, who was tapped to help the Obama White House create Up Next — a mobile messaging campaign aimed at boosting college access. “Prompts can operate through various channels to encourage more active decisions: they can help us combat procrastination by creating a sense of urgency around a task we have been putting off.”

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