Survey: Most Americans Support Postsecondary Education


Most Americans believe postsecondary education remains a valuable commodity for today’s young people, according to results from a new national survey.

“The vast majority of Americans (86 percent) feel that higher education after high school enhances job prospects,” according to a new report from Civis Analytics. “Most (89 percent) also think high school students should pursue an education program after graduation from high school.”

More than 5,600 Americans were polled for the report.

The survey, conducted in September and August, offers evidence that “attacking or dismissing higher education isn’t a path to political wins,” according to an analysis of the results published by Third Way — a centralist think tank based in Washington, DC.

“Most Americans believe (postsecondary education) matters more than ever and that students should pursue it…” the blog post notes. “It’s an important reminder that regardless of the headlines on opinion pages or overreactions of political pundits, the need for education beyond high school still maintains broad popularity in our country  —  and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.”

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