List Shows Where Students Can Self-Report Test Scores

In an effort to make the college application process more affordable, a growing number of US colleges and universities now allow students to self-report their test scores.

With help from counselors and students, The Princeton Review is tracking the trend. A list of institutions that accept self-reported scores is posted on the company’s blog.

“The College Board and ACT cover the cost of sending scores to four institutions for any student who designates the recipient colleges within nine and five days, respectively, of taking the exam,” the blog post notes. After that, students must pay extra to transmit their scores to schools.

“For low-income students, these fees can act as microbarriers that lead students to apply to fewer schools or no schools whatsoever,” according to the blog. “Colleges and universities are increasingly aware of this problem and are starting to change their practices in order to make it less expensive to apply.”

More than 80 colleges are currently included on the list.

“Practices are changing rapidly when it comes to self-reporting test scores,” The Princeton Review notes. “This list is not comprehensive. We will add schools as we identify them.”

Search the list.

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