Advice for College Applicants from NACAC’s President-Elect


Headed off to college next fall?

NACAC president-elect Stefanie Niles has one piece of advice for high school seniors: Take time to do your research.

“I believe there is more than one ‘right’ college for every student, but there are definitely wrong choices, too,” Niles noted in a recent Q&A with The Sentinel. “Students and their families should visit campuses, talk with students, faculty members, and alumni about their experiences, ask questions about research, internships, and study abroad opportunities (if these are of interest), and read about academic programs and campus life.”

The investment in time will be well worth it in the long run, she added.

“For many students, choosing a college is the biggest decision they will have made to date, and it has long-ranging impacts,” said Niles, vice president for enrollment management at Dickinson College (PA). “The opportunities presented to a student in college and the people with whom they interact have the potential to influence their future professional and personal pathways.”

Read the full interview, which highlights Niles’ recent election to the NACAC board.

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