International ACAC Calls for Equal Access to Admission Tests


A NACAC affiliate is calling on testing companies to ensure all students worldwide have equal access to US college admission exams.

Fewer ACT and SAT test dates were provided this year for international students when compared to their peers living in the US, according to a statement from the International Association for College Admission Counseling. In addition, in recent years students outside the US have had to deal with frequent test cancellations or changes in testing due to concerns about test security. Communication about those developments “has neither been comprehensive or timely,” the statement notes.

“The majority of universities in the US, in addition to many universities around the globe, require standardized testing as a significant qualification to apply for admission,” International ACAC leaders note. “Because this testing is required for university admission, International ACAC believes the testing agencies and universities must make sure all students have equal access to these test dates.”

The affiliate is also asking US colleges and universities to consider waiving testing requirements for this year’s graduating seniors who reside outside the US.

See International ACAC’s full statement and read NACAC’s statement — issued in May — regarding test integrity and fairness.

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