Students: Start Searching Now for On-Campus Jobs


Planning to work during the school year to help pay for college?

Incoming freshmen should start searching now to increase their odds of landing a great campus job, according to a post on Homeroom — the official blog of the US Department of Education.

“If you’re interested in working part-time while in school, it’s best to start checking out those opportunities early, even before you get to campus or start classes,” notes blog author Susan Thares, who works with the department’s office of Federal Student Aid.

Starting to explore job opportunities now can be especially helpful for students whose financial aid package includes work-study funds.

“Being awarded work-study does not guarantee you a job,” Thares explains. “Some schools match students to jobs, but most schools require students to find, apply, and interview for positions on their own…The most sought after work-study jobs are often filled quickly.”

Read the full blog, which includes other money management tips, and learn more about paying for college.

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