Achieving Balance: Tips to Help Students Navigate Their Freshman Year


Editor’s note: A version of this post originally appeared on Admitted in September 2016. It’s being republished as part of NACAC’s Best of the Blog series.

To-do lists, reasonable goals, and regular exercise can help freshmen stay on track.

Those tips and more are included in a USA Today piece aimed at helping first-year students maintain their health and happiness.

“Achieving life balance is one of the largest challenges that college freshmen face,” the article notes. “After all, you must juggle a wide variety of activities — from your coursework to your social life to your extracurriculars — in addition to monitoring your mental and physical well-being.”

Words of wisdom highlighted in the piece include:

• Establish an effective study strategy: “From flashcards to online quizzes to textbook outlining, there is certainly more than one way to study. The key to studying effectively lies in learning how you review best. Try a variety of studying methods, and continue what works.”

• Aim for simplicity: “Remember: no one can do everything. Before you take on a new responsibility, consider whether or not you will have sufficient time to properly commit to it. Though you may find it difficult to turn down various opportunities, it may occasionally be necessary to say ‘no.’”

• Reach out if you need help: “Colleges are full of individuals who can help you handle any issues you face. On campus, you can count on professors, mental health professionals, and academic advisers for assistance. Do not be ashamed to turn to these people for help it you need it; they exist to help you do and feel your best.”

Read the full article​.

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