Obama Calls for Celebration of American Education Week


President Barack Obama is calling for support of local schools and educators in recognition of American Education Week — a seven-day celebration that runs through Saturday.

In a proclamation issued last week, Obama asked Americans to do their part to help “create opportunities for every school and student.” He also emphasized the importance of creating pathways to higher education for all.

“Education can lift up a generation, allowing them to carry the torch of progress forward and make our world a better place,” he said. “This week, let us recommit to the important work that remains and ensure every student in America can access the support, resources, and opportunities to thrive.”

During his time in office, Obama backed efforts to streamline the FAFSA and make information about colleges more accessible to the public. His administration also led initiatives to reform the student loan system, expand the Pell Grant program, and make community college free for hard-working students.

Read the full proclamation and learn more about efforts to expand access to higher education and strengthen the college admission counseling profession.

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