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Could Enhanced Advising Help More Students Find a Right-Fit Major?


It’s no secret that switching majors can increase the time and money a student spends earning a degree. But college officials say it’s a scenario more and more undergrads are now facing.

According to federal data, a third of all college students change their major at least once. Ten percent of students switch paths two or more times.

Carol Jean Vale, president of Chestnut Hill College (PA), attributes the shift to a rise in college access. As more first-generation students enter college, they need different types of support, she told The Hechinger Report.

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Join Us Tomorrow Night for #NACACreads

What can we do to better serve at-risk students in our high schools and on our college campuses?

Share your insights tomorrow night during a special #NACACreads chat with Karen Gross, author of Breakaway Learners.

Packed with strategies to aid counselors in higher ed, as well as those working in K-12 schools and community-based organizations, the book calls on college counselors and others to rethink the ways they help students prepare for life beyond high school.

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Survey: Girls Thrive in STEM, Even Without Tech-Savvy Parents


Parents don’t need to be tech-savvy to raise girls who are interested in STEM.

A recent poll found that parents’ proficiency with technology has only marginal effects on girls’ excitement about the subject.

“This survey shows that, contrary to popular belief, girls are interested in tech, and that they will seek out instruction regardless of their parents’ affinity with technology,” according to Tracey Welson-Rossman, founder and CEO of TechGirlz — a nonprofit organization that worked with Drexel University (PA) to conduct the survey. “It should reassure parents they can set their daughters on the path to a rewarding, empowering career in tech with support and encouragement, even if they do not understand the subject matter themselves.”

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#NACAC19: Call for Proposals and Facilitators is Open Through Jan. 7

Share your expertise and give back to your professional community next September in Louisville.

NACAC’s 2019 National Conference call for proposals and facilitators is open until Jan. 7 and the format for this conference will be different from years past, with a larger array of presentation types sought.

Check out the changes and submit your proposal. You can also apply to be a reviewer, a position where you’ll help determine the educational offerings selected for next year’s conference.

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Tennessee Weighs Next Steps in College Completion Campaign


Tennessee is considered a national leader when it comes to college access.

The Tennessee Promise program offers high school grads two years of free community college. Meanwhile, Tennessee Reconnect provides tuition-free avenues for adults who want to return to school or are just starting their college journey.

Yet despite the wide-array of offerings, degree attainment across the state is uneven. A new analysis of public data published by The Tennessean offers insight into some of the factors impeding wider progress.

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Colleges Get Creative to Fill Revenue Gaps


Declining enrollments are leading some colleges to look for new ways to boost revenue.

The Indicator, a podcast produced by NPR’s Planet Money team, recently shared a few of the more innovative approaches.

Did you know:

  • Forty-eight colleges have licensed their schools’ logos for use on caskets.
  • At least one university rents out its dorms on Airbnb during the summer months.
  • Collectively, US colleges and universities have added 41,446 new degree or certificate programs since 2012 — a strategy experts say is at least in part due to a desire to increase revenues.

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#NACACreads: Read an Excerpt from ‘Breakaway Learners’

The students we serve are changing.

Are you?

Karen Gross, who spent eight years as president of Southern Vermont College, poses that question in Breakaway Learners — a book we’ll discuss during our next #NACACreads chat.

“Many of today’s students are the first in their families to attend college, let alone graduate; many are immigrants; many are low income,” writes Gross, who will join us for an hour-long Twitter discussion on Dec. 12. “Many have experienced trauma or toxic stress.”

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FAFSA State Deadlines are Approaching


Need financial aid for the 2019-20 academic year?

The US Department of Education is reminding students to remain cognizant of deadlines when completing the FAFSA.

While the form is primarily used to award federal financial aid, many states also use the FAFSA to assess eligibility for their aid programs — and some of those deadlines are on the horizon.

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