Facebook Live: Learn More About NACAC’s New Membership Model

Looking for more information about NACAC’s new membership model?

During a Facebook Live broadcast this afternoon, NACAC President David Burge and Kim Johnston, the association’s director of membership, affiliate relations, and governance, chatted about how the structure will affect individual member segments as well as the association as a whole.

The new model, which will make it easier to join NACAC, will also help the association grow its membership, Burge said during the broadcast.

One benefit? The structure will enable NACAC to reach professionals earlier in their tenure and provide them with the skills and support needed to grow as professionals and future association leaders, Burge noted. And as NACAC grows in numbers, its influence will also expand.

“The big benefit, in addition to simplicity, is being able to grow our membership, which collectively raises everybody’s voice,” Burge said. “Everybody gets more powerful the larger the organization becomes.”

Watch the full video and read more about the new membership model.

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