Feds Offer Tips for Students Seeking Work-Study Funds


Counting on Federal Work-Study funds to help pay for college?

Officials at the US Department of Education want to make sure students understand the program’s quirks. For instance, being awarded work-study funds doesn’t guarantee you a job.

“Some schools may match students to jobs, but most schools require the student to find, apply for, and interview for positions on their own, just like any other job,” according to a recent article shared on the department’s Homeroom blog. “Either way, students who are interested in work-study or who have already been awarded work-study should contact the financial aid office at their school to find out whether positions are available, how to apply, and how the process works at their school.”

The post — written by a trio of financial aid officers — seeks to demystify the process of securing and work-study funds.

Jobs available through the program may be limited and are not guaranteed from year to year, the authors note.

Yet despite that uncertainty, the program comes with definite perks.

Work-study earnings don’t count against students when they apply for federal financial aid and most employers will work around a student’s class schedule.

Read the full article and learn more about paying for college.

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